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My characters are Mary Sues? KTHX. My characters are OP? KTHX. I suck at base dolling? KTHX.


Beautiful. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a aaaa a a a a a a a a a a a aa a a (psst the orange cutie mark is gold) a a a a a a a a a a aa ...





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Spin Dashie Spin by TomDanTheRockCutie Mark Crusaders Skip by The-CoopFilly Twilight Sparkle - Dancing by RJ-P

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[  ] Is it your real name? (+5)
[  ] Is it your real nickname?(+3)
[  ] Is it a human name at all? (+2) 
[  ] Does it have to do with their cutie mark? (-2)

So Far: 0

[x] Does it have a canon character's mane? (+2) (Sort of celestias????????)
[  ] Is it Rainbow Dash's? (+4)
[1] How many colors does its mane have? (+2 for each color past 1)
[ ] Does it sparkle or glitter? (+5) (i'm taking that away dudes)
[  ] Unicorn? (+3)
[x] Pegasus? (+2)
[  ] Earth Pony? (-1)
[ ] Alicorn? (+10)
[ ] Does it's base coat have more than 1 color? (+4 for each extra color, a gradient counts as 1 extra)
[  ] Are its eyes deeply moving to other characters? (+3)
[ ] Are they purple? (+2)
[  ] Are they described in thought out metaphors such as "The fiery red of deep passion" (+3)
[  ] Are they known throughout Equestria for their beauty? (+2)
[  ] Are they male? (+1)
[  ] Is their occupation something other than scout, guard, or carriage puller? (+1) 

So Far: 4

Cutie Mark
[  ] Does it ever change? (+10)
[  ] Do they have more than 1 special talent? (+4)
[  ] Does it cover the entire flank? Ex: Luna's (+2)
[  ] Is it something lame and not very impressive? Ex: cleaning windows (-3)
[x] Is it something totally amazing that nopony else can do? (+2) (sort of??)
[  ] Are they the best at what they do? (+5)
[  ] Is it similar/same in appearance as one of the main characters? (+3)

So Far: 6

[ ] Are they in a romantic relationship? (+3)
[  ] More than one? (+3)
[ ] With a canon character? (+4)
[  ] With Luna or Celestia? (+8)
[  ] With any of the Mane 6? (+4)
[ x] Are your character and a main character friends? (+1) (she knows celestia and luna, they are ok friends.)
[ ] Is it one of the mane 6? (+2)
[ ] Are your character and the Mane 6 pony better friends than she is with the rest of the mane 6? (+2)
[  ] Are they related to a well known/canon/main character? (+5)
[x] Is it royalty? (+3) (sort of! she's a royal guardian :I)

So Far: 10

[  ] Do they seem to have the same personality as one of the Mane 6? (+2)
[  ] Is it Rainbow Dash? (+1)
[  ] Are they extremely nice, and never really do anything wrong? (+3)
[  ] They are loved by everypony? (+5)
[  ] Except one? (+2)
[  ] Are they hated by everypony? (+5)
[  ] Except one? (+1)
[ ] Do they have a serious personality flaw that hinders them significantly? (-6)


0-8 Your character is kind of boring, spice it up a little!
9-12 Well Balanced!
12-18 it's good for a canon character, but a little too much for ocs
19+ you might have to start over, your character seems to be a little too perfect to be credible

:cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: :cloud9: 

Hurray! She's pretty well balanced!


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an atheist pansexual 16 year old who likes ponies. What more to say? uvu But there is more to say. Pretty much alot.
KMLP Stamp by ToonfreakBreaking the Fourth Wall Again by Toonfreak:thumb209371923:I Can Draw Ponies - Stamp by Sonic-chaosLove your haters by Donald-BottomAnother Believe it Or Not Stamp by endler
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Rainbow Dash. (More like Best Pony)
Rainbow-Bop by BlackGryph0nRainbow Dash and Derpy Hooves BFFs! by TomDanTheRockRainbow Dash by NabbieKittyBrushie Dashie Brushie by RainbowDash52Rainbow Dash -  The Wave by DMN666Rainbow dash shufflin' by danspy1994Rainbow Dash Flying by LikeMike213Rainbow Dash fly 16 by Iks83Rainbow Dash s03e03 (googly eyes) by KutejnikovRainbow Dash v1 by kero444:thumb350276348:Rainbow Dash backflip by Iks83

Sexy ;P
Gifs, that may or may not be RD.

i'm perverted

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Your Pony OC!
It is actually 5 points, but I may have to raise it if the OC is complex enough!

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